Ethical integrity and why it is important



As an up-and-coming middle manager, you have been tasked with conducting a presentation on organizational integrity and social responsibility at an upcoming middle and senior management retreat. Unfortunately, your company has had its share of issues with problematic products and services. You want to promote ethical practices, but not at the expense of pointing fingers at your own organization. Instead, you decide to use course concepts through an example of other companies’ unethical practices to identify potential issues and promote ethical integrity within your own organization. Select an organization of your choice for your presentation at the retreat. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation validating the key flaws in an ethical dilemma that you will be describing. Ethical integrity and why it is important. The role of ethics in business. The advantages of corporate social responsibility. Ethics and company culture. Employees, technology, and ethical responsibilities. Then, describe any pressures being faced by the organization you have selected and compare and contrast these with at least two other organizations that have faced similar types of pressures. Conclude with a list of general actions for an organization so as to avoid the decision-making pitfalls to which your selected organization and others had succumbed. Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as “speaker notes” for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or billeted lists. Support your presentation with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included.

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