evaluate one or more of the arguments



evaluate one or more of the arguments for or against moral relativism OR one or more of the arguments for or against utilitarianism. Make sure to state the argument(s) you are evaluating carefully and thoroughly before you evaluate it, near the beginning of the essay (after the thesis). You have quite a bit of freedom as to the character of your evaluation. You can claim that the argument succeeds (in which case you will need to argue in favor of the premises of the argument and show that the premises support the conclusion). You can claim that it fails (in any number of ways – a premise is false, or the premises don’t support the conclusion, or we don’t have reason to believe the premises, or some other fallacy is committed). Or you can claim something more complex, like: “the argument fails as it is stated, but I can reformulate the argument so that it succeeds.” If you have a question, send me your thesis and we can talk about it. IMPORTANT: try to go in depth on just one or just a few of the arguments, rather than briefly discussing a large number of the arguments. Really dig into the arguments; give (and defend as thoroughly as you can) your own evaluations of them.

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