Evaluate the suitable ICT projects into which sustainability can be integrated.

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The following task is to be demonstrated and assessed in in conditions that are safe and replicate the workplace. Noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances must be typical of those experienced in the telecommunications sustainability field of work and include access to:

Sites on which planning, design and integration of sustainability may be carried out. Relevant legislation, standards, guidelines, reports and equipment specifications and drawings.

A range of workplace documentation, personnel, information and resources including:

  • Compliance obligations.
  • Organisational plans.

For this task you are to complete the following activity to demonstrate your ability to integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects.

Prepare to integrate sustainability into the planning and design stages of an ICT project through completion of the following steps:

  1. Evaluate the suitable ICT projects into which sustainability can be integrated. 
  2. Negotiate with the stakeholders to establish, and document, the extent to which sustainability is to be integrated.
  3. Conduct some research to identify the technology solutions that are suitable and applicable to the project. 
  4. Based on the agreed standard, gather, and record, the power consumption data on the ICT equipment required for an energy audit.

Complete the following actions to devise strategies for incorporating sustainability into the ICT project:

  1. Determine short term technology solutions to achieve a reduction of power consumption, and oversee the implementation of these solutions. 
  2. Initiate sustainable management principles that result in reduced environmental impact, and develop and implement policies and procedures to monitor and progress them. 
  3. Establish KPIs on sustainability performance, and develop and apply policies for their regular review and improvement. 
  4. Develop, document and incorporate policies and procedures for innovative planning and design rules for ICT projects, to ensure that they foster sustainability and environmental best practice.

To analyse energy audit data, complete the following actions:

  1. Within the scope of the ICT project, identify the energy usage and provide a detailed report.
  2. Estimate the potential energy savings and payback periods for recommended actions. 
  3. Estimate, and record, the CO2 emissions for the nominated project. 
  4. Evaluate the estimated CO2 emissions with comparable benchmarks.
  5. In order of priority, develop and document recommendations, giving the estimates of the implementation costs on the integration of sustainability for other ICT projects.

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