Evaluate theory using primary sources, other scholarly sources, and published theory evaluation guidelines.



University of Rochester School of Nursing

NUR 400

Assignment #1: Theory Evaluation


Assignment Objectives:

This assignment requires students to demonstrate their ability to:

  1. Evaluate theory using primary sources, other scholarly sources, and published theory evaluation guidelines.
  2. Submit a list of sources in APA format.


Rationale for Assignment:

Theory is commonly used to inform clinical practice, education, and research. Students report frequently, after studying theory in this course, that they are able to see how theory informs or could inform practice in their clinical areas! You have been reading, listening to/watching videos, and engaging in learning activities to facilitate your learning about theory, how it influences and is influenced by Nursing philosophy and science, and how it interfaces with clinical practice education and research. You may have even started to see evidence of theory at work in your clinical area.


You will notice that the following instructions do not have you writing a paper in the typically required APA format. This is because these evaluation tools are usually used to collect information to help you evaluate a theory and write a paper about it. You have a future assignment to do just that. This assignment will provide you with feedback as you demonstrate your understanding of theoretical components and use your emerging skills regarding the evaluation of theory evidence.



You will be evaluating two (2) theories for this Assignment. They are (1) Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory and (2) Meleis’ Transitions Theory.

       Read, review, and think about these instructor-chosen theories.

       Review the McEwen (2019) Theory Evaluation Template.

o   Look for the template under the Assignments tab in the Blackboard main navigation panel for Assignment #1.

       Search the literature for/explore primary (original) sources pertinent to each theory (e.g., books by the theorist, articles by the theorist, and/or book chapters written by the theorist about his/her theory). Obtain, read, review, and think about this primary theory evidence.

       Search the literature for/explore secondary sources (often edited text books by other authors, such as the theory text book for this course) regarding each theory. Obtain, read, review, and think about this secondary theory evidence.

       Search the literature for/explore other theory evidence pertinent to these theories such as articles about the theory written by others and/or articles where others have applied the theory to a particular population or setting. Obtain, read, review, and think about this other theory evidence.

       Complete the McEwen (2019) Theory Evaluation Template for each of the theories.

o   You may add your “answers” right under each bulleted template item.

o   It is necessary to complete ALL of the items on the template.

o   Complete sentences are not required, however, simple yes/no answers are not adequate—include a rationale for your answers.

o   Single spacing is permitted for each of your answers.

o   There is a theory evaluation templar in the required theory textbook, pp. 109-111.

       Please provide minimally three (3) scholarly sources for each of the theories to support your written work and the McEwen (2019) Theory Evaluation Template on the last page of the document. The theory evaluation template is located in your theory textbook on page 107. This information will help you format the template correctly as coming from an edited book. Your sources must be in APA format (double-spaced, hanging indent, 12-point Times New Roman font, correctly formatted based on type of source). At least two of your sources for each theory must be primary sources. 

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