Explain Samsung’s strategy as an organization



I would like to seek your assistance in completing the “Strategic Marketing Plan” for Samsung marketing their newly launched phone: Galaxy S7 Edge.

In this paper, the following information is required:

1.  Explain Samsung’s strategy as an organization (Approx. 250 words)

2.  Explain the 4Ps of the marketing mix that Samsung uses for its product, the Galaxy S7 Edge phone (Approx. 250 words)

3.  Explain How Samsung does their Marketing Research (Approx. 250 words)

4.  Conduct a simple break-even analysis of Samsung (Approx. 200 words)

5.  Conduct a Sales Forecast (projected over 2 years) and Expenses Forecast (also over 2 years) for Samsung (Approx. 200 words)

6.  Explain the Controls Samsung has in place for the implementation of their marketing plan (Approx. 250 words)

7.  Explain the Controls Samsung has to manage its market share (Approx. 250 words)

8.  Explain the Controls that Samsung has while they perform their Contingency Planning (include specific observations on difficulties and risks and worst-case scenario risks) (Approx. 250 words)


*  The total word count in the paper should be approximately 1,900 words (excluding references and headlines)

*  Please add references for the material used in writing this paper (a minimum of 10 different references are required).

*  Please note that the paper should be original, and plagiarism or copying from online resources will be detected and the paper will be rejected if plagiarism percentage is above 

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