Explain the Purpose and Importance of Various Types of Informal Reports

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Exercise 1 Explain the Purpose and Importance of Various Types of Informal Reports

Respond to the following based on your reading.

Briefly explain the tao principle.

Carefully read the following three situations. Then determine what type of report (field trip, progress, status, periodic, feasibility, or troubleshooting) would best suit the facts provided.

Situation A

A tornado damages the Emerson Fabrication Plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, causing about $28,000 in damage to the roof and the north wall. Three machine lathes and a storage area in the shipping department were affected by water damage.

The findings are as follows:

- One machine lathe is beyond repair.

- Two machine lathes will require repairs to their transmissions.

- Seventeen packed shipping cartons suffered water damage, requiring the repackaging of approximately 1,400 dozen machined toggle bolts.

Situation B

In the midst of a rash of customer complaints and high absenteeism among sales personnel, gross sales at the Henderson Friendly Store (No. 24) have dropped dramatically over the current quarter, showing a 37 percent decline over the same quarter in 2015.

Here are the findings for this situation. Customers have been complaining that sales personnel are discourteous and that they have difficulty locating salespeople on the floor when they need information.

Sales employee absenteeism has been linked to two factors: (1) a recent decision to raise the biweekly paycheck deduction for medical insurance from $37.00 to $52.00 and (2) the recent layoff of 10 percent of the sales personnel.

Both customer complaints and sales declines are related in part to inadequate inventory restocking and in part to low employee morale.

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