Explain the type of Health Information Technology (HIT) you would advise to support the care delivery



Instructions: Review the following links and Identify two specific web-based tools to evaluate.



Identify two specific web-based tools to evaluate.

Please note that the types of web-based tools include:

  • Consumer healthcare websites
  • Consumer eHealth program aims
  • Intervention tools


  • Describe the client population.
  • Explain the type of Health Information Technology (HIT) you would advise to support the care delivery.
  • Evaluate two consumer healthcare websites, consumer eHealth program aims, or electronic intervention tools you might use with your patient population.
    • Evaluate each for the balance between context, content, and user needs.
    • Describe the user’s experience:
      • Usefulness, Desirability, Findability, Accessibility, Credibility (and accuracy), and Value.
      • Calculate the readability level. (Select a site for calculating readability; there are many such sites out there.)
      • Advise on usability. Although you can’t complete the testing, you can address design, ease of learning, efficiency of use, memorability, and potential error frequency.
      • Appraise how well the sites support consumers’ healthcare needs.
    • Provide an overall summary of the pros and cons of each site.

Step 4: Propose the preferred web-based tool.

  • Recommend one of the two tools you evaluated.

Formatting and Mechanics

  • Utilize APA formatting and style.
  • Submit your paper as a Word document that includes the content for the proposal.

This assignment will be graded using the Critical Appraisal of Web-Based Technology Rubric. 

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