Explain which of your classmates ideas for a personal essay seem more intriguing and why

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I need help responding to the 2 posts that are attached - listed below are the requirements

Respond to Peers: Review what your peers have posted, and respond to two classmates on the following:

  • Explain which of your classmates’ ideas for a personal essay seem more intriguing and why.
  • Compare the techniques your classmates used to develop their ideas in comparison to the techniques you chose.
  • Explain why you chose the techniques you did and whether you will try your classmates’ techniques in the future.

Response posts must be 125 to 200 words in length for each. If you have questions about how to participate in discussions, consult “About Discussions” under the Course Home menu. You are not required to support your claims with additional scholarly sources; however, should you decide to use additional sources, make sure you properly cite any references. Refer to the Ashford Writing Center’s Citation and Reference Guide for guidelines on citing sources in APA style.

to 2 posts that

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