File Management Assessment Resources File Management Assessment Scoring Guide.

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File Management Assessment Resources File Management Assessment Scoring Guide. Instructions This assessment provides you with the opportunity to discuss file management. File management is the means of creating, editing, updating, and deleting files and folders on a computer. For this assessment, imagine the following: A corporate executive contacts you to ask how your company performs file management and backups.

 Your response will be a description of how to manage the operating system's file system on your company's computers. You are welcome but not required to use the Capella library and the Internet to gather research. Preparation For this assessment, write a 3–4 page paper in which you detail the following: Describe how to manage files and directories using operating system tools. Describe the two approaches to managing files and folders. Describe how to configure file permissions. Describe how to perform basic system operating system backup tasks using: Command line. Windows. Discuss different types of file permissions. Discuss how to change permissions both via command line and Windows. Discuss a couple of different ways to backup this company's computer system.

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