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Final IT ProposalResources

Use the reading materials and any additional resources you find helpful to create a business architecture proposal with descriptions and diagrams.

Your complete business architecture proposal document should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Use your previous assignments to inform your business architecture proposal.
  • Incorporate feedback from your instructor on previous assignments, as appropriate.
  • Include the following parts:
    • Title page.
    • Executive summary.
    • Background on the business or organization for whom an IT solution is being developed. Describe the business mission, goals, objectives, and systems for the company or organization (Unit 1).
    • Identification of the business problem and description of the proposed solution (Unit 2).
    • Description of business stakeholders impacted by the proposal and their requirements.
    • Description of IT systems and stakeholders impacted by the proposal and their requirements (Unit 4).
    • Analysis of impact of the addition of global locations to business and customer needs and the proposed solution
    • Description of possible opportunities, given the new structure, that were not possible before.
    • Presentation designed to be delivered to key decision makers that that succinctly describes the business problem and the IT solution (Units 3, 4, and 5).
    • References list.
  • All units to refer back to are attached please use to complete assignment 

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