Financial crises.



Explain how adverse selection and moral hazard contribute to financial crises.

The instructor only wants the question to cover the United States, not any foreign countries. 

Explain how adverse selection and moral hazard contribute to financial crises.

Content: The essay is to be between 7 - 10 pages of actual written content, exclusive of

title page, references, tables, figures, or other supplements to your work. After an initial

introduction to your topic, you should provide pertinent research and analysis related to

your topic. Begin by discussing the key issue(s). Conduct your analysis of how the

research relates to your issue(s), and what you have learned. Next are your Conclusions,

which should be a brief summary of your key findings. Lastly, your Recommendations

will be what your thoughts and feelings are as related to the research you have just


Format: Your essay should use APA Editorial Style rules including double-spacing

between lines, title page, headings and subheadings, a references section at the end,

citations, and in all other respects grammatically correct and consistent with APA

standards. Headings and subheadings should be used throughout, starting with an

Introduction where you introduce your article and what you will be covering in your

essay, sometimes this is called a Statement of Purpose. Next, there should be an Issue(s)

subheading where you lay out the central issue or issues. Not much discussion is usually

required here. Next, there should be a subheading for each key piece of research that you

discuss. Finally, there should be a Conclusions section where the key findings are briefly

reiterated and discussed. Lastly, a Recommendations section, which is where you add

your keen insights as, related to all of this research you have just discussed.

Research: In addition to the textbook, four to six research resources may be utilized.

Research should come primarily from financial academic journals. Newspapers such as

the Wall Street Journal, or Investor’s Business Daily may be used as well. Students are

discouraged from using most magazines or websites, as they are not considered scholarly,

and are not subject to the same standards of rigor and therefore are oftentimes highly

biased and inaccurate.

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