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A - What Must Be Submitted

You are required to submit the following THREE (3) items for marking and grading:

 A Report (you should submit this item first as it carries the highest weightage).

 A Video Presentation:

 UniSIM conducts Hands-on workshop on how to record ECA video presentation for

BIZ students every semester. Students will receive an invite to the workshop via

Student Portal, Canvas as well as email, a month before the ECA cut-off date.

 The ECA video recording and submission guides are also available as external

links/downloads in the invite.

 The set of PowerPoint slides, converted to PDF, upon which the video presentation is


Please verify your submissions after you have submitted the above THREE (3) items.

B - Submission Deadline

 The THREE (3) items of Report, Video and Presentation Summary are to be submitted by

12 noon on the submission deadline.

You are allowed multiple submissions till the cut-off date for each of the THREE (3) items.

 Late submission of any of the THREE (3) items will be subjected to mark-deduction

scheme by the University. Please refer to Section 5.2 Para 2.4 of the Student Handbook.

C - How the (3) Items Should Be Submitted

 The Report: submit online to Canvas via TurnItIn (for plagiarism detection)

 The Video: submit online to Canvas (refer to workshop invite for the user guide)

 The Presentation Summary:

submit online to Canvas via TurnItIn (PPT must be converted to PDF and submission

is in PDF only)

 The PPT must contain at least 20 words

 Refer to workshop invite for the user guide

FIN301e Copyright © 2017 SIM University Page 3 of 8

ECA – January Semester 2017

 Avoid using a public WiFi connection for submitting large video files. If you are using

public wireless (WiFi) connection (e.g. SG Wireless at public areas), you might encounter

a break in the connection when sending large files.

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