Frederick Douglas justify stealing from his master in his autobiography



The book is Fiero, Gloria K., The Humanistic Tradition, 7th edition, vol. II. (Boston: McGraw Hill, 2015). Submit your answer to two (2) of the following questions . Please write in complete sentences and use paragraph form. When citing texts or illustrations, please include titles in italics and appropriate page numbers. 1) What do Napoleon’s Diary and Alexander Pushkin’s poem Napoleon tell us about why Napoleon became the nineteenth century’s first romantic hero? 2) How did Frederick Douglas justify stealing from his master in his autobiography? 3) If we compare Lin Zexu’s Letter of Advice to Queen Victoria, and Marx’s & Engel’s Communist Manifesto, do the two document’s offer similar or different critiques of western capitalism? What remedies does each author propose for the suffering or injustice created by western businessmen? 4) What do the works of Kate Chopin, Gustav Flaubert, and Henrik Ibsen tell us about marital relations and gender roles in the nineteenth century? In what ways do the authors represent the Nineteenth Century Realist style? 5) Why were the paintings of Gustave Courbet and Edouard Manet considered so controversial in their time? What traditional standards of art did each of them violate, and why?

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