This guide is intended to complement rather than substitute for information that will be provided to you during

regular class sessions. Instructions for other assignments are posted separately.



The paper will demonstrate your grasp of certain key concepts and your ability to apply your critical

thinking skills by relating them to real business news.

1.1 To which chapter should I relate my paper and when is it due?

The class will be divided into three units as follows: (Please see syllabus appendix A schedule and

assignment preference form for due dates.)

 Unit A students will select a business news article or articles and show how between six and eight

corporate governance, social responsibility and ethics concepts in chapters two and three are

reflected in real business world happenings.

 Unit B students will select a business news article or articles and show how between six and eight

corporate and functional strategy formulation and strategic choice corporate concepts in chapters

seven and eight are reflected in real business world happenings.

 Unit C students will select a business news article or articles and show how between six and eight

implementation staffing and evaluation, control concepts in chapters ten and eleven are reflected in

real business world happenings.

1.2 How do I know on which unit my paper should be based?

Select a first and second preference on the preference form. Every effort made to give you one of your

choices, but there is no guarantee since discretion must be used to balance the numbers as much as

possible. Assignments posted on BlackBoard will include specific unit, chapters, and due dates.

1.3 Should I link all of the concepts in both assigned chapters?

Attempting this is not advisable. You must adequately link between six and eight concepts from your

assigned chapters to demonstrate your comprehension and critical thinking ability and may use

concepts from either or both of your assigned chapters The key terms section at the end of each

chapter may be helpful in making your selection.

1.4 Am I allowed to use more than one article?

Yes, this is a good idea if this helps to better illustrate the concepts. If multiple articles are your choice,

please be sure to include an abstract for, and copies of, each article.

1.5 What happens if I don’t submit my paper on time?

Students must be present and submit their papers at the beginning of class on the due date. Penalties

for late submission increase exponentially with the number of days and late and failure to submit a

paper or handing it in more than a week late will result in a 0/15 grade. In case of absence due to

verifiable medical or family emergencies, papers must be received by e-mail two hours before class.

1.6 What are the guidelines for structuring the paper?

A sample paper is included as course information handout 6.1 and the sample grading sheet is posted

as number 6.2 is also posted to provide additional guidance. Be sure to include the following:

 A cover page with your name and Z number, course name and section number, assigned unit, due

date, and instructor’s name. Remember to number the pages and include the title of the chapters

addressed in your paper. A second copy and you're major are not required for this assignment.

 A photocopy or printout of the published article(s) on which your work is based, which should be

relatively recent, as a general guideline, published within the past two years.

 Attribution of all authors cited, APA or MLA formatted, on sources cited appendix.

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1.7 Do writing skills count in grading my work?

Yes, clear writing skills are vital to understanding your work, assessing your critical thinking skills and

are a component of your grade. Most importantly, writing ability is crucial in the business world.

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