Global warming



After receiving Instructor feedback, you will review and refine your choice of topic, and that refined outline will then function as a foundation for subsequent work to be carried out in the module. In this week’s submission, you should address each of the following points: Outline the general management topic or problem that you plan to address in your dissertation. Use the Dissertation Proposal Proforma and refer to the Proforma Notes, located in Week 1 Learning Resources (see 'Handouts' ) to help you with this. Explain how your selection of the topic or problem is influenced by your epistemological perspective(s). This assignment will support the draft of Section 1 of your Proposal. Remember to write concisely. PROJECT TOPIC: Considering the high level of dependence of the world and Africa especially on oil and fossil fuel, the level at which Global warming is increasing is at an alarming rate and unless something is done about it fast, the consequences will be dire. 

Based on this, I have decided to write on Nigeria’s Dependence on Oil, Its Implications, Risks and Mitigation. Tips on individual sections: 1. Aim, objectives and feasibility of the dissertation In this section, explain your topic area. Include appropriate background information and an explanation of why this topic is of interest to you (and why it should be of interest to others). What is motivating your research? What is the potential benefit to your firm or industry? What actions may result from the valuable insights gained? What is the academic angle of your research? How does it tie in with your management studies from your modules? What underlying academic theories and constructs are of particular relevance to your research? Next, clearly state the aim of your research. 

This should be a general but concise statement indicating the purpose of the study. Then, consider what you intend to achieve through your dissertation (i.e. present your research questions). Follow this with the research objectives. What specific objectives (analyse, investigate, explain, etc.) do you intend to meet during the course of the research to achieve the aim of the study? Finally, include a brief discussion of the feasibility of your study. Do you have the necessary resources (such as access to requisite data, consent of your organisation, some indication of the willingness of subjects to be questioned or interviewed, etc.)? You will need to be able to demonstrate that this is feasible for a 7-month project. Additional Requirements

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