Governor of Louisiana

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Governor of Louisiana. The Legislature of Louisiana has passed a law requiring all drivers under the age of 18 to have a bright red sticker on the rear bumper of the car they drive to inform police officers that they should not be on the road past 12 a.m. any night of the week. As Governor I’ve stated that I plan on vetoing the bill because I believe it notifies criminals and pedophiles of young occupants operating a vehicle. Needing a 3 page paper discussing the role of the Governor, and whether I, as Governor, have the power to veto and what the Legislature can do if their bill is not signed into law. It is also required that the State of Louisiana’s Constitution must be reviewed and stated whether the Governor has that power or does not have it. I also have to compare Louisiana’s Constitution to one other State's Constitution and discuss whether Louisiana’s Constitution gives the Governor of the state more or less power than the other State's Governor used in the comparison. Needing paper to analyze the governor’s role in the law making process in the context of a specific hypothetical. ​

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