Guidelines for Recruitment Advertising



-What guidelines should be followed to make sure that recruitment advertising does not violate

equal employment laws?

-What is “360-degree feedback”? What advantages might it have over more traditional performance

appraisal systems that use only downward feedback? What are some of the problems that could occur

in using a 360-degree feedback system?

-What is the difference between equal pay and comparable worth? Why are these concepts so


-What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a merit-based compensation system?

-What is meant by the term mandated benefit? Describe government-mandated benefits. What

are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

-Describe the advantages and/or disadvantages of accepting a lower pay and/or lower title

position. Provide practical information/ research to support your decision. Explain how your

assertion is supported (e.g. empirical evidence, theoretical belief, documented proof, how the

economy today may play in as a factor, or not). Also, in the discussion, answer the question:

Should inside or outside recruiters who refuse to interview candidates because of (perception)

being over-qualified held accountable for discrimination. Explain your answer.

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