Healthcare Policy Issue Recommendations



Each student will complete an individual policy memo on a topic of choice. The purpose of the policy memo is to concisely provide advice to a policy maker on a current major healthcare policy issue or debate in any country. Students must identify 2-3 policy options (at least one of which must be informed from experiences of another nation) and compare them. Evidence from peer-reviewed literature must be used to support the selection of one option as the policy recommendation.The memo should be concisely written (3-4 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font and one inch margins). References should be cited as endnotes with a maximum of fifteen, numbered in the document and listed at the bottom of the final page. Endnotes are included in the page count.Memos will be evaluated on the background, policy options, review of evidence, appropriateness/feasibility of recommendations, and overall grammar and readability.

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