Helping Define Next Generation Wireless Standards

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802.11 Helping Define Next Generation Wireless Standards COLLAPSE "802.11 is known as Wi-Fi* and is beginning to take the world by storm. Tens of millions of Wi-Fi devices will be sold this year. That includes the majority of notebook computers sold. Most notebooks today have 802.11 capabilities. The term "Wi-Fi" was the invention of what is now called the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA — formerly known as the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance). The WFA decided the term "IEEE 802.11b-compliant" was too long and hard for consumers looking for certified products to remember. "Wi-Fi" meant nothing at the time, but sounded like "hi-fi," a familiar term to consumers. Later on, the meaning "wireless fidelity" was attached to "Wi-Fi." Analysts predict 100 million people will be using this short-range wireless broadband technology by 2006 (The Economist). But 802.11 technology innovation is hardly finished yet. In many ways, it seems as if it's just beginning..." The full text at

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