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Terminal Course Objectives

DeVry University course content is constructed from curriculum guides developed for each course

that are in alignment with specific Terminal Course Objectives. The Terminal Course Objectives

(TCOs) define the learning objectives that the student will be required to comprehend and

demonstrate by course completion. The TCOs that will be covered in detail each week can be found

in the Objectives section for that particular week. Whenever possible, a reference will be made from a

particular assignment or discussion back to the TCO that it emphasizes.


Given the need for healthcare data to become healthcare information and subsequently healthcare

knowledge to benefit patients, clinicians and administrators, understand the current uses of

technology in the management of healthcare information.


Given the diverse needs among the users of healthcare information, analyze the need for

implementation and integration of electronic information systems in a healthcare setting.


Given the needs for health information and the issues impacting healthcare systems, determine that,

while technology will continue to change, the fundamental concepts of health information

management will not.


Given the multitude of options available, develop a basic understanding of the core capabilities and

limitations of hardware and software applications for the management of health information.


Given the ever increasing need for healthcare information by an expanding number of users, apply

strategic planning concepts to assure those needs are met.


Given the need for increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services,

understand the basic design and development of health information systems.

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