History of SQL in RDBMS.



History of SQL in RDMS

As we know, pre-relational databases did not have a set of commands to work with

data. Each database either had its own exclusive language or used programs composed as a

part of COBOL, C, so on to control records. Likewise, the databases were for all intents and

purposes inflexible and did not permit any internal structure changes without bringing them

disconnected and revising huge amounts of code. That worked pretty much viable until the

end of the 1960s when most PC applications were constructed entirely in light of batch

handling (Stephens, 2002) .

Structured Query Language

SQL is the set of statements with which all programs and users get to information in

an Oracle database. Application projects and Oracle devices regularly permit clients access to

the database without utilizing SQL specifically, yet these applications thus should utilize

SQL when executing the client's demand.

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