Homework #4 (include Name, CST250-nn LAB4, & date) (Solved)

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Homework #4 (include Name, CST250-nn LAB4, & date) 

I. Answer the even numbered CheckPoint questions (through 18.24). 2. Answer the even numbered end of chapter Review questions (multiple choice and true/false, through 18.18). Also, answer slide 44 3. Answer the 4 Find the Errors questions (page 1163). 4. Write an app somewhat based on Code 18-13 GenericSearchArray that asks a user if they want to search for String or Integer values, as well as the name of the .txt file containing the data. Then you repeatedly prompt for a value to search for, until they indicate they want to quit. You could use Numbers.txt from Chap. 7 and MyFriends.txt from Chap.4 or make up your own -txt files for input data to be searched. 

Your app should include appropriate Exception Handling via try... catch blocks (e.g., what if the file is not found, or the user inputs characters instead of digits for the Integer data). Use JOptionPane to interact with the user (text pp. 92-8). Name your app CST250xxChapl 8genericSearchArrays where xx your initials ** Provide both hardcopy and softcopy of your java file(s). Pearson Addison-WesIcy Ion. Publi

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