How does a pixel represent a color

computer science


The project contains two parts: knowledge and coding.

Part I. Write a report about the image processing using the materials in Blackboard and the materials you research online. Your report should answer the following questions.

1.      How does a pixel represent a color?

2.      In an image 1024 x 768, how many pixels in it? How to locate each of pixel?

3.      How to convert a continuous signal to discrete one?

4.      What is a noice in an image?

5.      What is “smooth” and “sharp” in image process?

6.      Name three classic image processing methods.


Part II Project:

1.      Read the test image Lena into your python file

2.      Change her eye color to green (Hint: first find the coordinate of pixels which represent eyes, and then change the value of these pixels to green color)

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