How has Google business model succeeded when other similar companies have failed?




The need to research, develop and write clearly articulated reports, proposals, and policy papers are a requirement of all managers at some point in the careers. These reports may be required to justify budgets or projects, establish organizational policies, or terminate services. Papers developed for college courses allows the student to gain experience in conducting basic research, develop a level of confidence in enhancing their writing abilities, and allows faculty to help students develop their own style of writing.

Paper Requirements For this course, students will be required to research, write, and cite (using APA 6.0) two short papers discussing an issue in management science. Each paper will be 3 to 4 pages in length and include a cover page and a reference page. The first paper will be due during the third weekend at the beginning of the Saturday session (August 3) and the final paper will be due during the fifth weekend at the beginning of the Saturday session (August 31). Please select one of the following topics/discussion questions for each of your management science papers: 

1. Why is the study of management science important in a graduate program? 

2. Why has business ethics become an important component in 21st century management? 

3. How has Google business model succeeded when other similar companies have failed? 

4. Why is customer demand important in management operation decisions making? 

The brevity of these papers will not allow you to conduct in-depth research into your selected topic. Briefly outline your main discussion idea and use critical thinking to support your answer with evidence you collect through your research. Each research source should be cited on the reference page. The format for this paper will be standardized using the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for writing. The instructor will provide a handout of a sample APA report. 

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