How the Internet may impact American Democracy

political science


American Democracy and the Internet: This assignment will provide you an opportunity to consider how the Internet may impact American Democracy. Find examples of the ways in which political information is available on the web, including campaign sites, party sites, sites about political philosophy, websites of civic groups devoted to encouraging political participation, etc. Write a short paper that answers the following questions about some of the sites you select

  •  Why are the sites political? How might they affect our political system?
  •  Are they reliable sites? Why?
  •  Do the sites improve the quality of American Democracy? Why?

 Assignments should be approximately 800-1,000 words. Your focus should be more on content than meeting word requirements.  

Use size 12 font, any standard type.

 A variety of research sources may be required depending on the assignment. Please cite sources appropriately using APA formatting

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