How to use LEGO Mindstorm kits to help to overcome their hurdles with respect to STEM elements

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I have attended a service-learning course. I will work in group and go to secondary school a week to teach students STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts through assembly of the LEGO mindstorm kits EV3 (build a car that have different sensors and can follow the line on the ground to run automatically). 

We are required to plan how to illustrate STEM concepts to them and think about how can the use of LEGO kits help them cultivate scientific literacy and thinking. For example, assembling EV3 is required to write some simple programme so it can teach them programming skill. In order to attract their attention during lessons, what we can do?  After the 5-days service, the students will have a competition. I hope you can help me think about the points below and write about 1200-1500 words with some figures. Thank you.

1,Project Background (e.g. learning hurdles related to STEM, role of Lego kit, etc.)

  • 2,WorkPlan for the activities of teaching and learning STEM in the service-learning project

(a) How to communicate effectively with recipients (e.g. ice-breaking activities, ……)

(b) How to identify and comprehend their learning hurdles for STEM subjects

(c) How to use LEGO mindstorm kits to help overcoming their hurdles with respect to STEM elements

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