Human Resource Development



Guidelines for Analyzing Short or Mini Cases in

Human Resource Development

Situation Analysis: Analyze the current situation as described in the case

A. The firm

B. The industry the firm operates in

C. Competition

D. Major HR Challenges the firm/industry faced with

The firms Business Strategy: What strategy the firm has adopted

(Cost leadership, Differentiation, Cost Focus or differentiation Focus) and what are

its implications on the firm’s economic performance.

HR Strategy should be aligned with the firm’s business strategy.

Internal Analysis of the Firm from Strategic Management Perspective

You could discuss issues from the following:

  •  External HR environment.
  •  Internal HR environment.
  •  Local labor market scenario
  •  SWOT Analysis (HRD Perspective)

Overall evaluation of the internal environment ......

Overall evaluation of the external environment .........

Alternatives to Solve the Highlighted Issues or Problems ...............................

Answers to the questions


Action Plan

Contingency (emergency) Plan

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