I need essay proofread and fixing the grammar for a personal essay Here have only around 400 words

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I need essay proofread and fixing the grammar for a personal essay Here have only around 400 words, if it is possible can you please add some words in order to make it a bit longer I have loved drawing and designing since I was at a young age. That is the reason I am applying for a Fashion Design Major. I was born in China, and I moved to the United States when I was 18 years old. I have always known that the United State has the best education. When I first arrive in the United States I studied in Calvary Chapel Christian School Downey for two years, and I decided to apply for Santa Monica College. My interests are in painting, drawing, and photography, and also interest in traveling and camping. From painting, I felt like I can express myself from it. It helps me with relaxing myself and expressing my feelings. I like to move around and experience.

 I like to remember all the things I see and experience and use them in my works. It will have a feeling of relating my artwork and myself with the whole environment. I am volunteering in His Lai Temple every weekend, and I like to stay with children because they can always bring such good inspirations in my life. I always feel satisfied by just looking at them. The reason I apply for Santa Monica College is that I am interested in designing. I have the willing to design for others and help to protect old cultures from designing clothing. I had experience in making clothes on my own when I was at a young age. The two museums that gave me lots of inspiration are Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum and London's Victoria and Albert Museum. The generation of clothing is a cycle; clothing is design for people's convert and to satisfy the needs of human eyes. People spent a lot of money in satisfying their appetite for amusement.

 I want what my design can heal both their inner feeling and outside willing. As I look ahead to Santa Monica College, I feel the same excitement that I did way back when I first came to the United States. I am looking forward to seeing all my professor and meet them in the classes. Continuing my ever-widening yet full-speed-ahead path, I am especially grateful for this opportunity to be considered by Santa Monica College as I work vigorously towards fulfilling my ambitions.

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