Identification of IS/IT strategy employed by aqua cars company



1. IS/IT Information

a. Identification of IS/IT strategy employed by aqua cars company

b. Critical analysis of aforementioned IS/IT strategy

( for this question you have to do the critical analysis which mean you have to

evaluate the technologies used by aqua cars (technologies are mentioned in

question a) and to find the weakness of these technologies and how to improve


c. Identification of critical technological trends and recommendations

for improvement.

(Here you have to write about the new trends in technologies used in

transportation that aqua cars can use and give the recommendations

for improvements)


Q. A:


Using leading edge technology Aqua Cars have installed Global

Positioning in all their cars. Taking signals from 24 satellites

circling the earth, each vehicle is tracked on screen by the

operator at Aqua Cars office using the latest computer mapping. It

really is the eye in the sky. This, coupled with our automatic

booking and despatch, means that all our cars and drivers are

used to maximum efficiency to ensure your car is on time.

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