Identify the issue (s)/problem(s) of the case.



This is an individual assignment. You are required to prepare a report based on the case study below.


You got married last year and everything was fine. But after you had your first child, a problem strikes. Your spouse’s company is downsizing and will be closed down next month. You are a full time housemaker and not earning any income. You and your family need to move from the house because the house that you are staying is paid by your spouse’s company. What should you do? Where will you move to and why? How are you going to survive with no job and no money?


Write a report consist of the followings:

  1. Identify the issue (s)/problem(s) of the case.
  2. Apply the four stages in problem solving discussed in Topic 4 to the case study above.
  3. Relate your decision making process to the Evidence-Driven Decision-Making Cycle discussed in Topic 8.

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