Identify the sources, people you would consult in order to develop an RTW plan.



What types of WSIB benefits will the injured worker (Jonathan) be entitled to? Explain why he is entitled to those benefits?

List the steps you will take once you have received the Functional Abilities form. Identify the sources, people you would consult in order to develop an RTW plan.

Develop an RTW plan that includes:

Your recommendations for the type of work Jonathan may be able to do on the basis of the information given in the case.

On the basis of your response to the previous question, explain in detail a minimum of five duties/tasks Jonathan would be required to carry out. You need to conduct research to find out more about the kind of jobs and work were done in garment factories.

Submit a template with your recommended timelines and duties. Your plan should include all details about the accommodation being provided to Jonathan. You may use the WSIB RTW guidelines and job description attached as a resource to prepare your plan.

Specify what more information you would like to find out about Jonathan's condition to complete your return to work plan? What will you do to obtain this information?

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