If you use Matlab, type help to see how these may be invoked



Lab Support 1) If you use Matlab, type help to see how these may be invoked (syntax, examples, etc.). 2) The demonstrators will mainly provide support for the interrelation of data files, mathematics involved programming (Matlab, C, Python). 3) For those who are studying remotely, online support will be provided synchronously via MSc Teams during the scheduled timeslot. Reporting You are required to produce and submit a report about your findings/observations/results from this assignment. The assessment (Workshop 2) will solely be based on the report you submit. The requirements for the report are as follows: 1) The report should be FIVE to SIX A4 pages (front cover, contents page, appendices are excluded. Font 12, 1.5 space) 2) A front cover (title of the assignment, your name, etc.), and contents pages. 3) A brief description of the procedure of each Task undertaken 3) Results and relevant discussions, which should cover, Note: You should NOT include large sections of program code in the main body of the report. All outputs shown in your report must be reproducible by your codes.

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