IKEA at Thailand



IKEA at Thailand (new market, not yet fully develop, create new brand/product strategy to conveyed into the target market by Global, local & Global) 1. Identify the chosen product/brand and chosen country (IKEA at Thailand). Briefly justify your choice of country as a new market for your product/brand. 2. Prepare a summary analysis of the campaign context for the chosen global product/brand, including a description of potential customers, competitors, market trends and a review of previous Marketing Communications activities in other countries where the brand/product is currently available. This analysis will provide the foundation for the development of the launch communications plan (question3). 3. From the summary analysis you are required to develop part of the communications campaign for the launch of the product/brand. You must decide on your overall strategy – Global/glocal/local (very important)-and then your promotional objectives. Choosing only one promotional tool, how and why can you use this tool to reach your target customers and fulfill your objectives? Depending on the chosen promotional tool you may need to consider media, message, timing, reach and repetition etc. You do not need to undertake any actual design but you do need to use academic theory to support your ideas.

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