important political effects of colonization

political science


This assignment has 2 questions. You should have 2 pages for each question. What are the most important political effects of colonization? Were internal or external factors more important in the independence of African states? Choose two states to discuss. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any evidence, even one sentence, of plagiarism will result in a “0” on the assignment. Therefore, be sure to include references. One does not simply put a reference at the end of a paragraph, but rather immediately after the information you took from your source. Refer to the syllabus for information regarding appropriate academic sources. Use in text citations, which should follow the Turabian reference style. Again, use Turabian Reference style. Make sure you draw from the readings for the class. It is important to write in third person (not first) in a formal paper. Take yourself out of the paper as much as possible. Present arguments with supporting research that is logical and solid, showing that you understand the issue at hand and the theoretical IR concepts behind it.

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