In recent years an increasing number of child abuses are caused in families due to the different reasons.




In recent years an increasing number of child abuses are caused in families due to the different reasons. STRiV1 provides the first nationally representative household survey focused on ARA2 , covering perpetration and victimization. Among all respondents (37%) reporting current or past year dating, 69% reported lifetime ARA victimization (63% lifetime ARA perpetration). Although psychological abuse was most common for these youth (more than 60%), the rates of sexual abuse (18%) and physical abuse Victimization (18%), as well as 12% reporting perpetrating physical abuse and/or sexual abuse (12%) were substantial as well. (Taylor & Elizabeth , 2014). These numerical data show the impact of the Adolescent Relationship into child abuse in USA. In most countries they have a major problem regarding the child abuses. The percentage of CSA3 survivors who were found to have a normal level of functioning despite a history of sexual abuse ranged from 10% to 53%. The protective factors that had the best empirical support were found to be education, interpersonal and emotional competence, control beliefs, active coping, optimism, social attachment, external attribution of blame, and most importantly, support from the family and the wider social environment. Conclusions. Preventive and clinical interventions for survivors of CSA should utilize psychoeducation and cognitive strategies that are adapted to the developmental level of the victim and that seek to enhance social support from significant others. Future research should focus on longitudinal research designs considering resilience rather as a dynamic process with multiple dimensions in a social and developmental context. (Matthias Domhardt, et al., 2014). So, the child abuse was a major problem of most of the counties in todays world. Due that major problem nowadays mot of countries is doing and conducting most researches in this area. 

Problem Identification 

In this study we are finding How far the awareness on family bonds have been affected in child abuse. The intent of the proposed study is to learn about impact of family bonds in child abuse, their circumstances, experiences, and the nature of their social world. The focus will be on selected child abuse cases who are faced in town areas during the years of 2018 -2019. Who are these abused children? Why are they abused? What has been the impact of family bonds upon their lives, and upon their interactions with parents and adults in family? How has their relationships with family and adults affected their abuse? What type of supportive knowledge do they have from family and adults? Finally, how these family bond impact to the case and the impact to society? These are the central questions of the study. I no doubt will add more questions as I proceed through the research process and obtain more clarity on what it means to be a child abuse, the focus will be on the child abuses and family bonds, and each question I have will be examined from their perspectives. So, this is a research report to find the impact of family bonds in child abuse. 

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