In the final unit of our book, we covered contracts-everything from types and requirements to breach and remedies.



  • BAD 2070

    Course Project

    Part III


    In the final unit of our book, we covered contracts-everything from types and requirements to breach and remedies. Thus, the third part of your Course Project will have you create a contract. However, you have options as to how you complete this project.


    OPTION 1.

    Prepare a Power Point Presentation that discusses each element that you would include in the contract. You should have at least 1 slide per element. Each element should be in the order that it would appear in a contract. Each slide should be titled with the element. Each slide should have content that sufficiently describes the element that should be in the contract. You may use animations, pictures, images, etc.; the design is up to you. For example, if you use the element of Modification, the title of the slide would be "Modification." Using bullets, the content would define what Modification is. See page 464 (or Section 20-2b) to see the definition & description you could include. Your slides should not be in essay format. Use bullets to keep your points brief. Use Chapter 20, along with the checklist beneath these instructions to assist with the provisions that you would include. 

    • Use the checklist to see what must be included. 
    • Use the sample contract that is in this module to assist you.
    • The checklist must be included with your assignment.


    OPTION 2.

    Using the checklist and sample contract that is has been included with these instructions, create a contract in a Word document. You need to customize the contract so it includes the required provisions. Make certain the elements are put in the proper order, in a way that makes sense to customers. Use Chapter 20 as a guide. You do not need to actually sign the contract. You may use the calligraphy font if you really want it signed. Except for your faux signatures, use 12 pt font and either Verdana or Times New Roman.

    • Use the checklist to see what must be included.
    • Use the sample contract that are in this module to assist you.
    • The checklist must be included with your assignment.



    Select Option 1 or Option 2 to create the client's contract. Make sure you include everything from the Title (parties, subject matter, and date) to the Closing (signature lines, dates, etc.). Your complete project will include Option 1 OR Option 2 AND the Checklist that is below these instructions. If you want to, you may add or assume additional facts.  However, in your checklist, you need to include any facts that you added or assumed and state any provisions that you added (that were not required).


                Submission. To submit your assignment, click on the "Course Project Part III" link above. You may also access it by clicking on the "Assessments" tab at the top of the screen, then select "Assignments." From there, select the "Course Project Part III" assignment. Your subject line should state "Jim Jones Course Project Part III." Above the text box, you will find a dialog that says, "Add a File." Use that to upload your Power Point. If you selected Option 2, you may put the text in the text box or you may post an attachment using the same "Add a File" method. Be certain the Checklist is either an attachment or put in the text box. In addition, check your formatting before finalizing your submission. Once complete, hit submit to enter your assignment.


                Due Date. This is due at the end of the semester. The date is up to your instructor. You should begin work once Chapters 11 and 20 are reviewed. If you post it sooner than December 15th, your instructor may be able to review it and provide feedback, thus allowing for editing on your part until the due date arrives. If you do edit your work, make sure the one you want graded is marked "final" in the subject area. As with the other submissions, this part of the project is worth 50 points.


                Reminder. This is not a group project. You must complete this project on your own, using the materials that have been provided for you. 




    After successfully rehabbing the Peace Cross and beautifying the area around it, Brady and Roger received an influx of business inquiries. New customer calls came in for them to build, renovate and make beautiful spaces. With each new customer, contracts were required. One day a new client came in to inquire about the building of a state of the art castle. It was an unusual request, but Roger felt they could meet the customer's goals. Their business is based in Pocomoke City, Maryland, which is about 20 minutes from the client's prospective home.


    The customer's name is Elsa Winters. She lives in Loveville, Maryland. But, she wants Brady and Roger  of Old Time Restorations to build her a castle in Arendelle, Maryland. She wants the castle to resemble ice. Obviously, ice would melt in Maryland summers, but she has a vision of floor to ceiling windows that shimmer in the sun. She wants the castle built in the mountains, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Assume that all permits, engineering studies, and licenses have been approved. The plans for the castle are complete. She wants the house to be a deep blue on the outside, filled with ship lap, lots of windows, and solar lights. She wants white and blue to be the interior colors. She wants radiant heat floor heating, water sourced from the bay, an indoor pool, and an indoor herb garden. She also wants a room that is sound proof with marble flooring so she can work on her ice making skills without bothering other people in the castle. Of particular importance, she wants a large white cross in the center of her ballroom. She says it needs to look like the Peace Cross because she had family members who served in that war. It is important that her parents' names are engraved on the cross. Roger and Brady are confident that they can make this cross happen because of their recent renovation and repair of the cross.


    The jurisdiction is Maryland. The project must be completed in 9 months. The complete price for the project is $2.5 million. The contract date is December 13, 2019 and completion must be made by September 13, 2020. For each day that the project is not completed, $1,000.00 is reduced from the contract. It doesn't matter if weather, delivery or technology prevents completion. However, an act of God would not cause this clause to kick in. Time is of the essence because Elsa's sister, Anna, is marrying her beloved Sven and the new castle will be the venue. Any customizations or changes to Elsa's wishes must be put in writing. If there is any dispute, the parties have agreed to use binding arbitration.

  • Course Project Part III Checklist
    Word Document
    Task: View this topic

    Use this to complete Course Project Part III. It must be submitted with your assignment. You may download it to complete it.

    Course Project Part III

    Contract Checklist


    This checklist must be included with your submission. The provisions below are the minimum of what must be included in your paper or Power Point. The additional provisions may be added at your discretion.


    • Title
    • Introduction Paragraph
    • Definitions
    • Covenants (hint: look at the special demands of the customer; what contractors were asked to do)
    • Representations and warranties (hint: all licenses and permits are in place)
    • Choice of law and forum (hint: jurisdiction)
    • Modification
    • Arbitration
    • Time of the Essence
    • Integration
    • Force Majeure
    • Closing


    Additional provisions that you may wish to include?


    • ___________________________________


    • ___________________________________


    • ___________________________________


    • ___________________________________


    • ___________________________________

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