In what professional nursing organizations do you currently participate? not participate



Required Reading

American Nurses Association. (2015). Nursing: scope and standards of practice (3rd ed. ). 

  • pp. 213-225

Required Article

Naegle, M. A. (2018). A global perspective on creating space to nurture wholeness in nursing. Beginnings, 38(2), 10-25. 

Discussion Questions

Now that each one of you is very close to completing this major accomplishment in your nursing career, please share your professional development plans to keep up to date in your chosen specialty and nursing in general.

  • In what professional nursing organizations do you currently participate?  not participate
  • What organizations might you think about participating in for the future? MSN-FNP
  • What nursing certifications are you considering?
  • How might consideration of continuing your education to pursue a graduate degree fit into your future plans?

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