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As the information systems manager for a small manufacturing plant, you are responsible for anything relating to the use of information technology. A new inventory control system is being implemented to track the quantity and movement of all finished products stored in a local warehouse. Each time a forklift operator moves a case of product, he or she must first scan the product identifier code on the case. The product information is cap- tured, as is the day, time, and forklift operator identification number. This data is transmit- ted over a local area network (LAN) to the inventory control computer, which then displays information about the case and where it should be placed in the warehouse. The warehouse manager is excited about using case movement data to monitor worker productivity. He will be able to tell how many cases per shift each operator moves, and he plans to use this data to provide performance feedback that could result in pay increases or termination. He has asked you if there are any potential problems with using the data in this manner and, if so, what should be done to avoid them.

 How would you respond? Additional Requirement- it will be 2 pages with the reference page it's going to be 3 pages Criteria : Paper is 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced, and uses 1-inch margins and 12 pt Times font. Paper conforms to APA style guidelines and includes a title page, Reference page, and citations. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Paper includes an introduction and conclusion. An ethical approach is selected and used as the basis for the decision process. Discuss the benefits and consequences of data mining as an employee performance review. Refer back to the decision tree discussed on pages 26 - 28 of the textbook. Discuss each step of the decision tree using the ethical approach in preparing your response. textbook Ethics in Information Technology, 4th Edition

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