Instructions Assignment 1 Analyze Training Needs 15% of grade DAVID' S PRT IS IN THE EMAIL



Instructions Assignment 1: Analyze Training Needs (15% of grade) DAVID' S PRT IS IN THE EMAIL!! Select or create an organization for the authentic assessment. In this first assignment, you will begin to develop a training needs analysis (TNA) for your chosen organization. For this assignment, you will work on items 1-5 only. Save a copy for your records, you will need to complete steps 6-8 in the next assignment. Provide information about the organization and its needs regarding the training issue. Determine the group or individuals who will receive the training Identify the training issue Provide a training needs assessment questionnaire Explain how the questionnaire will be utilized and will lead to the development of training outcomes/learning objectives within your written report Include at least three training outcomes, based on the TNA Identify the expected performance of the group or individuals as a result of the training Identify performance gaps and detail how training can help close those gaps You will probably not have the time or resources to implement the questionnaire or compile all the organizational and training-specific information necessary to complete the TNA. (If you are able to get real data and results, great! Otherwise, be creative and fabricate results.) The goal is to understand how a TNA is done effectively and to practice completing one.

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