Instructions for the written assignment – including topic choices



This document provides a summary of the following: 

• The general criteria used for grading papers 

• Instructions for the written assignment – including topic choices 

• Paper guidelines 

• Suggestions regarding how to locate academic articles and newspaper articles for inclusion in your paper 

• Detailed instructions regarding referencing in your written assignment 

• Grading rubric

General Criteria for Grading Papers 

1. Understanding and incorporation of course materials 

2. Appropriate use of academic sources 

3. Evidence of critical thought and analysis 

4. Meets instructions re: Project Guidelines provided below 

5. Grammar, syntax, spelling, organization 

6. Proper referencing and citations (See Instructions for Referencing in Written Assignments below)

Instructions for Written Assignment

Your essay of approximately 700-1,000 words (not including title page and reference list) is due by the start of class in Week 10. Your essay is worth 15% of your final grade. You are also required to write a 300- 400-word response, which is due in Week 11. You should select one of the following topics for your essay. Alternatively, you may determine your own essay topic. If you choose this latter option, you MUST discuss your proposed topic with me before you begin writing. 

Each topic requires the use of one or more newspaper articles as part of your discussion. Information regarding how to locate newspaper articles through Canadian Newsstand database is found below; you may also select newspaper articles from a current newspaper or from a news website. The newspaper articles you discuss should be cited appropriately.

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