Integration and Deployment Plan



I need help with the final part of my project which is section Section 6: Integration and Deployment Plan. I have copied and pasted the assignment details below. I have also attached an example of what it needs to look like and my individual project so far.

In the final week, you are given the assignment to craft an integration and deployment plan for your selected application or system that includes the required resources and work breakdown structure of implementation tasks (you may use Visio Software Application where needed or a breakdown). 2–3 new pages, APA format.

The project deliverables are as follows:

Integration and Deployment Plan

  • Develop an overall work breakdown structure (WBS) for the 7 system development life cycle (SDLC) phases:
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • System Analysis or Requirements Definition
  • System Design
  • Development
  • Integration and Testing
  • Acceptance, Installation, and Deployment
  • Operation Support and Maintenance
  • Add activities under the first 5 phases that you already performed in Weeks 1–4.
  • Add activities that are specific to the final 2 phases in SDLC for deployment and ongoing maintenance and support.

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