Interview Schedule - due Nov 1

This assignment is about considering how you create questions that are relevant and

useful to the research and interview process. YOU ARE NOT TO INTERVIEW ANYONE.

1. Develop a research question.

(A research question is a question that provides an explicit statement of what it is the

researcher wants to know about.)

2. Define your sample and discuss how you would access this population.

3. Develop five questions that would help you answer your research question. Why you

would ask these questions and where they would fit into the interview process.

Therefore, this essay should also be spoking as the first person. The

goal is to make it seem like I interviewed someone.

As with last time, two peer reviewed sources introduced and why they would help you with

your proposed research. You can think about using your sources to help you with context,

sampling... any number of possible ways.

five pages double spaced, individual or with a partner…

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