Introduction to Computer Science Lab

computer science


Introduction to Computer Science Lab



1. Build a world containing a person who can calculate Einstein’s formula e =

m* C 2 in his or her head, where the user enters the m value (mass, in

kilograms), and c is the speed of light (299,792,458 meters per second).

Define descriptive variable for each quantity, and define a function to

calculate the formula. Use the world function pow() to computer C 2 . (50


2. Choose a hopping animal from Alice Gallery (for example, a frog, a bunny,

etc.). Write a hop() method that makes it hop in a realistic fashion, with a

parameter that lets the sender of the message specify how far the animal

should hop. Using your hop() method, have your animal hop around a

building in four hops. (50 points)

Present your Alice code to the instructor, and submit them to Ecourse.

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