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Using the reference documents from week 6, submit an IS strategic plan. Your paper should include at least 5 references from peer-reviewed journals associated with how other companies/ governments are using the solutions you are recommending. The strategy should include the technologies you plan to implement, your plan for sourcing the IS work. You should include specific projects with a timeline for implementation in your strategy. Make sure you also include the financial analysis.Your IT strategy should also specify some key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of IT. The website below can help you identify the KPIs for your strategy.

Your total paper should be 5-7 pages of text in APA format, not counting the title and reference pages, and not counting any tables or figures. Make sure you include in-text citations. Please use the template attached above. In developing your IT strategy, please refer to the resources from previous weeks. A list of all the videos and other resources can be found under the Strategy Resources link on the main menu in this Blackboard course. You can reference these resources in your paper, but you must also reference at least 5 peer-reviewed articles.  Make sure you include at least 5 references from peer-reviewed journals.

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