IT355 Software Testing, Documentation and Quality Assurance

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IT355 Software Testing, Documentation and Quality Assurance

Assignment 3 - Test Plan

Students must prepare a comprehensive Test Plan Report for the “Flag Company e-

Commerce Application” application in full compliance with all the requirements listed

below. You need to include at least 10 tests using at least three different techniques for

black box testing, two techniques for white box testing, and at least three different non-

functional tests.

The system is being designed as a Web application with appropriate security to protect

the customer’s personal data.

The document should include:

1. Title Page (title, draft, date, and your name).

2. Table of Contents (with page numbers, automatically generated).

3. Description of the application (who, what, where, how): two to three paragraphs.

4. Description of the test environment to be used for the test (type of equipment,

operating system etc.).

5. Summary of the tests planned and the purpose of the testing. Provide a

description of the test and why it is significant for this application.

6. An estimate of the level of effort (number of hours) that you think it will take to

complete the testing (assume only 1 tester is available), including any

assumptions you have made in making this estimate.

7. Entrance and exit criteria

8. Test cases: List of test scenarios and test cases in a table (formatted correctly

with an embedded Excel spreadsheet or a Microsoft table) including the following


1. A sequential number.

2. The type of test (e.g., functional or non-functional) and within that the specific

type.(e.g., boundary in black box)

3. The test scenario (what function or code are you testing)

4. The data that you will enter to test this scenario (should include both a

passing and a failing test case for each test scenario).

5. The expected result (if the system was working correctly).

6. A column for test results and a column for status (these are both blank)

The test cases should be presented in the order they will be run, with the functional

before the non-functional. RESULTS ARE NOT REQUIRED


The document should include at least at least 10 test cases. A glossary of terms should

be appended to show the main terms that you have used in the document (at least 5

terms and their meaning).

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