Java looping structures

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When writing computer programs, programmers often have to create repeated actions. Java looping structures allow for this repeated action capability. There are a few different types of loops that can be used. Because each loop has its own strengths and limitations, selecting one greatly depends on what you need to achieve with your computer program. In this final Assignment, you practice using Java looping structures along with all the other programming skills you have developed throughout this course. For this Assignment, submit the following program: Create an application that generates a quiz. Prompt for the user’s first and last name, college major, and confidence in test taking (high, medium, or low). The quiz should contain at least five true/false questions about horticulture. When the user selects the correct answer, a message of positive reinforcement should be displayed. If the user selects the incorrect answer, the correct answer should be displayed with a message of constructive criticism. At the end of the quiz, display the number of correct and incorrect answers as well as the percentage of correct responses for each user. Make sure to address users by name and confirm or deny the correlation between their score and their perceived confidence in test taking. Your code and output should show input and results for three different users taking the quiz. You cannot be one of the users. Make sure you use all the skills studied in the course, including proper comments, Scanner class, several looping structures, and clean code without errors in any areas. The file should be named as follows

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