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Create a program that reads data from standard input and then perform actions on that data. In this case, we will be working with integers.

Assignment Summary:

Read numbers from standard input and then perform addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, setting, and logic these number.



Your program must perform the following tasks and meet the following requirements.

Common Requirements:

  • The source must contain a comment containing your netid
  • The source must contain single-line comments. "//"
  • The source must contain multi-line comments. /* */
  • The source must contain documentation comments that document the main method (/** */)
  • Create a scanner object named "input"
  • Triangle
  • perimeter
  • area

Assignment Requirements:



Create classes that represent the following geometric shapes. For each class create the requested methods and setters/getters for all parameters in the class. 

Driver Program

Create a driver method in each class. The driver program should complete the following. Prompt the user to enter the dimensions of 5 instances of the class and subsequently execute the primary methods of the class. The repetitive tasks should be completed using the most appropriate form of a loop. 

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