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Read the following statement from Kelly Klemm, a student at Southwest Tech: I had a friend, Henry, who wanted everyone to like him. I really liked him and thought we might have a future together. Most of the time he would say, “ That is a great idea. Let me think about it and get back to you.” When pressured, he would say, “ I really don’t know. Life seems so complicated. There are too many choices. I’ll just go with the flow.” That drove me up the wall. He felt that he needed to please everyone by acting as if each person’s ­latest idea was the best he’d ever heard. Whether it was going to a movie or out to eat, he never had an opinion of where he wanted to go or what he wanted to see, but every alternative I came up with sounded like the best idea he had ever heard. When forced to make a decision, he took forever, and sometimes it seemed like it was torturing him inside as he was debating the options. One time, a bunch of us decided to go on a camping trip. Henry really acted like he wanted to go. He listened to all the details and acted excited about it. The day we alla message saying he couldn’t make it. This was not the first time he had done something like this. Henry was always “ on the fence.” He could not make a de-cision to save his life. He never wanted to take any action or make a choice that might hurt someone or make someone else uncomfortable. I recall another time when we needed to decide where to spend New Year’s Eve. Some of our friends wanted to go to Holly Hall for dinner and dancing while others wanted to go to the Savoy for dinner and then to the Rave for a movie. I told Henry that we needed to make a decision so that reservations could be made. One person could persuade him that one idea was the right way, then I could come along, and he would just “ climb to the other side of the fence” and agree with me. One minute we were going to Holly Hall, and the next minute, we were going to the Savoy. Two hours later, it would be Holly Hall again. Guess what? We ended up at his apartment, munching on some popcorn and watching an old movie. That was the last straw. Even though Henry was one of the kindest, gen-tlest ­people I’d ever met, I knew that Henry would never make a ­decision. So I made one. I decided I didn’t have a future with him. I couldn’t cope with him always sitting on the fence. Conduct an Internet search to identify two or three sources of information for coping with a “waffler.” Write a paper to summarize your findings. Discuss how the waffler compares to a hasty person. Additional Requirements

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