Lab Program 3 - Pointers, Strings, & Integers

computer science


1. Inputing the string into the linked list

2. Figuring out a way to add the numbers in the specific order the assignment asks for. 

If you look at the text file you will see that its made up of both integers and strings, 

2  <-- cases

4 <---number of integers in the file

6 <-- First Number 

4 <--- Second Number

5 < --- Third Number

6 <--- Fourth number 

For the numbers I am suppose to add the Odd numbered numbers in the link list together, meaning that in this case I would add 6 (because its 1st in the list) and 5 (because its the 3rd) together. I am having trouble understanding how to do this with linked list, as I am not allowed to use arrays

4 <--- Number of strings





These are the strings, and I am suppose to put them together with the group they correspond. so red and blue are both colors so they would be printed out together. 

and dog and cat are grouped together since they are animals. I'm suppose to do a concatenation, but I am unsure of how to do this.

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