LAN Utilization Evaluation based on your Week Three Learning Team collaborative discussion



LAN Utilization Evaluation based on your Week Three Learning Team collaborative discussion. Write a 350- to 700-word paper identifying the advantages and disadvantages of implementing wireless and voice-over-IP technologies. Compare the performance on existing LAN and LAN upgrade recommendations from the previous week. The network environment management plan should include the following components: The impact of WI-FI (coverage, management, and so on) The impact of VoIP (benefits, cost of replacing existing system, and so on) Any additional recommendations An update of your network map and wireframe, as needed for additional components. Review the Company Network files. Note. Do NOT submit Microsoft® Visio® files. Copy and paste all diagrams into each paper in a Microsoft® Word document. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. Consider the following scenario: You have been hired to update the existing network to an innovative local area network (LAN). The goal of the LAN is to enable efficient collaboration of ideas and data within the Company, while also allowing them to become a market leader in the 21st-century marketplace. Your work should focus on the Administrative Office, Central IT, and Canada Warehouse only; the remote locations are not part of this project. Each week you should discuss your plan for implementation with your Learning Team, using this collaboration to work through problems you might encounter and solutions you would put in place.

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